The customer’s background was as a Carer for her father, who had recently passed away. She shared her desire to one day become a nurse, but she didn’t feel this was an occupation she could one day go into, due to her limited education and lack of confidence. She required help improving her CV and needed direction with regards to what opportunities were available to her to further her career.

Based on the information the customer had given her tutor, he was able to signpost her in the direction of academic courses available to her.

The tutor was able to boost her confidence and ensure her that a Pre-Access course in Health would be ideal for her to develop her academic writing skills and subject knowledge. The Pre-Access course would then lead onto an Access to HE course in Allied Health Professions. Upon completion of the course, she would then be able to go to University.

The customer was bursting with excitement at the prospect of embarking on the courses her tutor had suggested to her. She shared with him that this was the first time in her life that somebody had shown a genuine interest in helping her with her career path.

The customer sent her tutor her CV and asked for support to improve it.

Her tutor sent her a ‘Sample CV’ and asked her to use it as a guide to amend her CV.

The tutor also informed the customer about the PTW innovative career planning software that PTW use to support customers in their journey to find employment. The customer was able to build up her profile so that jobs could be matched to her, based upon the information she had provided.

The customer was able to use the sample CV and with remote guidance from her tutor, the career planning software to produce an improved and polished CV and effectively apply for suitable jobs matching her skill set.

Within in a week of the first contact being made with the customer, she had successfully enrolled onto the academic course that had been suggested to her and she had found employment that would work around her studies.

The customer was overwhelmed with happiness at the prospect of one day becoming a nurse and was thankful that she had been given the support, guidance and direction to believe in herself and to now have the confidence in herself to chase her dreams.