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There have been significant changes in internet use, particularly the increased use of social media and the growing incidence of cyberbullying. Embracing these trends is the Entry 3 Award in Internet Safety for IT Users, a single-unit qualification which aims to develop learners’ understanding of internet safety and the skills and knowledge required to stay safe, legal and confident online, in life and at work.

Learners will understand the risks when using the internet, be able to recognise negative online behaviours and take the necessary precautions to safeguard themselves and others, including protecting their online reputation and digital footprint. Learners will also learn how to guard against viruses and other threats, why it is important to follow guidelines to work safely and responsibly online and where to report concerns with online content.

There are several features of this qualification that make it very appropriate for its target learners:

  • Assessment and certification can be offered throughout the year, allowing maximum flexibility for centres
  • It can be delivered either as a classroom-based course or as a blended learning programme
  • Assessment is by a multiple-choice test, offered on screen or on paper. This will normally be taken at the end of the course
  • There will be online resources that can be used alongside the teaching

Aims of the qualification


The aims of the qualification are to enable learners to:

  1. Understand the risks and threats faced by users when online
  2. Understand preventative measures to safeguard self and others
  3. Understand preventative measures to maintain data security and protect systems and devices
  4. Understand safe practice guidelines and procedures

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