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We help individuals be their best

Pathways Group helps individuals to understand their capabilities and potential to support them in moving closer to work. We are challenging perceptions and mindsets regarding ability, providing support with motivation, confidence and self-belief by delivering mentorship and bespoke training, meeting the needs of the individual.

We strive to improve the lives of others, through innovative training and guidance on a wide range of subjects and issues challenging people every day regardless of personal circumstances.

We deliver training to individuals and groups ranging from Interview readiness and employability using the latest technology, disability, mental health and vocational redirection.


Pathways Journey

Our process works and helps

Step 1

Speak to your Work Coach/DEA about how Pathways Group could help you and complete an online referral to us.

Step 2

Speak with one of our experienced tutors in our digital and training hub to confirm about how we can support you to develop your skills and complete a pre-course questionnaire to confirm the best training route to support you. We will create a bespoke training plan based on your personal goals that suits your needs and works around you.

Step 3

Attend regular sessions that work with your commitments and needs with continuous support from our tutors supporting you with working towards your personal goals/targets. Work at your own pace with peer and tutor support.

Step 4

Receive individual support in completing a comprehensive career profile with immediate access to live local job vacancies and virtual reality interviews with live, real time feedback.

Step 5

Gain confidence with digital skills, develop or create a fully screened CV, develop interview and job search techniques.

Step 6

You will have gained an industry-recognised qualification and are more confident and closer to work.

Hi, how can we help you?

We have successfully delivered bespoke training packages to unemployed customers since 2019 with a 50% success rate of customers gaining employment. We aim to transcend this knowledge and experience into delivering innovative employability training with the use of augmented reality and virtual reality formats. 100% of our customers have gained either a Digital Skills or Work Preparation qualification.

We have experience with working with 15-19-year-old students and have plans to work with schools and colleges including other educational institutions.

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have provided WiFi-enabled laptops and tablets to digitally excluded individuals in the community and our learners to enable them to maintain social contact with friends and family, complete online training and job seeking. This has been a service on a no-cost basis as we understand the impact of social isolation and loneliness.

Meet the team

We are here for you, trained and ready

Pathways Group
Pathways GroupTeam
We now have a dedicated team of Tutors working with us to support you with your training and moving towards work. With combined experience of over 80 years in teaching and training, we offer expert advice and guidance to develop confidence, interview skills, career planning and development and work with partner agencies to assist with progression into work and further training.

To date, we have supported over 400 customers with specialist and bespoke employability, digital skills and vocational training, with a suite of Ofqual regulated qualifications (courses hyperlink?) across a wide and varied spectrum.

Over 40% of customers who have participated in our training courses have successfully gained and sustained new employment.

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Our Story

Pathways to Work Limited was established in 2018 after identifying a gap in training provision to provide bespoke services to DWP customers in Merseyside. We decided to deconstruct the “traditional” one-size-fits all approach to training and offer innovative, pick and mix courses. Since this time, we have constantly reviewed and revised our service provision to help us move in these rapidly changing times. We work collaboratively and closely with all of our partners to ensure that our service is constantly meeting the needs and demands of our customers. We are very proud that we can now offer a suite of qualifications across a broad curriculum spectrum, many of which are now on a completely remote platform.

Our future vision is to continue to combat digital exclusion and to build our relationships with our partner agencies to reach out to wider communities and individuals across Merseyside, Cheshire and the UK.

Our exciting VR offering will further enhance our services and we look forward to working with individual customers, employers and recruitment agencies to support more people into work with increased confidence pre-employment and in interview.

I have more knowledge about computers and feel more confident with using this technology. I especially feel more confident with interviews

My tutor Has been a big support and pushing me in a nice way.

M Koutsouki

I am 1000% better at using the computer, I never thought I would be able to use it like this. Before I was looking for the mouse on the library computer and I couldn’t find the arrow. I am way way more comfortable using the computer I can find and go on indeed.

My Tutor is easy to talk to, patient, make me feel comfortable. Helped boost my confidence and really did a lot for me because I couldn’t do nothing for myself before and now I can

M Bradbury

The most patient teacher, really supported me on certain basic stuff such some people do not have the patience for. Well equipped with understanding, makes conversation outside. 

A England

My Tutor helped me a lot, Understanding me, he explained the learning I had to do, hes an amazing teacher and it makes me feel very comfortable and confident about learning even though I wasn’t confident with my learning. And he suggested to me other courses like Early Childhood Development so I have  applied for Nursery assistant, and I am waiting to start a job.

G Gjecaj

Now I have the job, I plan to work my way up in Tesco

G Jaiyeola

I will use my new CV and career profiling skills to apply for jobs in human resources that I wouldn’t have before and I now have a work trial at and Insurance Company😊

L Kadima

The content was tailored to my specific needs and we focused only on what I needed.

My tutor was helpful and always assisted in particular enquiries I had and was flexible with last minute session changes

I am focused on getting a job in government depts either DWP, council or other agency. I am also excited to pursue HR opportunities

J Mclean

My confidence is much higher on completion of the course, I have restored faith in my digital skills and no longer feel I am at a disadvantage in the job market in that respect.

My confidence is much higher and I created a real bond with my Tutor further raising my confidence through people skills

I feel one step closer to being able to re-enter the job market

J Fordham,

I feel my digital skills have improved

R Adams

It’s been great, really helpful

I did know how to turn a computer on but that was about it. I’ve learned loads with you

I’m a bit more confident now

You’ve been great and nothing but helpful

T Morey,

I now feel more confident in using a computer to search for work

I think the course is good. It is the best course I have ever tried

J Smart,

The course has been great

I liked the layout of the training program and found it very user friendly. The quiz at the end of each section was good to let me know how much I’d learned. 

My course tutor Cassie was very competent and professional. Cassie gave me great encouragement, support and assistance throughout the training course. 

She was always punctual with our appointments, explained things very clearly and came across as being very friendly and willing to help.

C Telemacque,

It’s very good and I understand the new way of searching for jobs

I’ve learned how to look for work how to practice my driving theory test. I’ve got an email address now and know how to use that. You did my CV for me too

Feel a bit more confident now with how to work online

You helped with my reading so I could work online

P Wright, Your Content Goes Here

I have enjoyed the course and looking forward to studying more

I feel more confident looking for work and having interviews

K Venagas,

I have learned about applying for jobs online and can do this by myself, I am still learning more about computers.

Feel more confident with the computers

I would like to do another course with Pathways to work

H Hagos,

I will keep using my new digital skills and CV to search for work and apply for jobs.

B Mohamed,

I have developed my searching skills on google and know some agencies website which enable me to look for more jobs.

I enjoyed the course, yet with the tutor understanding of my needs, he adjusted and provided me with all the knowledge and learning required.

A Equraw,

I am very pleased with Pathways and it has increased my confidence exponentially

I feel a lot more confident using the internet and emails.

I can search the internet safely and am very pleased with my new CV and that I can send emails on my own and even add attachments

B Alrady,

I have benefited from the course as I now have a job and my confidence is higher after completing the digital skills practical exercises

My tutor was very flexible and delivered the course content so it as easy to understand.

A Sadiku,

I now have a CV so use for job applications and feel my knowledge of Microsoft programs has improved

L Zammitt,

I was scared of touching a computer but now I learn a lot of things like emailing and how to use the keyboard.

This course has opened my eyes for this new era. I was illiterate with a computer but now it guides me my whole life, not just with job searching but shopping, communicating, and emailing. I never thought it would fill up my life like that. Also, very friendly teachers, you give me all the confidence. I’ve much more confidence than before. I tried to avoid anything with a computer but not now

H Tesfaye,

I feel like I have more confident in using Microsoft Office and in using the internet. It has also broadened my understanding of what jobs I can apply for and how I may do that successfully with the help of some tools Cassie has shown me

This course provided me with support and confidence in my ability to apply for work.

Cassie has been so helpful and understanding. She is patient and has done extra work to provide me with resource I otherwise would not have known were available to me

Y Paige,

Without your help, I wouldn’t know anything. I’ve learned how to use a mouse and type on the keyboard. I know how to get online and send emails.

It’s boosted my confidence. The interesting part was when you allow me to revisit things we’ve covered

I’d give you a ten. I’m really happy. In the past I’ve had some teachers and you think Oh no I’ve got to work with them but I’ve never felt that with you.

B Lewis,

I’m well happy and very well done and really pleased. I’ve got more confidence that 3 weeks ago.

I’ve learned how to do emails. I’ve got a CV and it’s uploaded to Indeed. I know how to do google searches and find websites.

I couldn’t use a computer before and now I feel 100% more confident with computers

A Guckion,

My tutor  was very patient with everything that needed to be taught and what I was doing wrong. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and I look forward to it each day

I’ve never sent an email before and now I’ve sent 4 or 5! I’m really chuffed with that.

V Ashby,

Everything you sent me is so useful. I’m up reading and doing it all. I wake up now thinking and looking forward to the things I have to do. Because I’ve not been working, I’ve needed these pushes and helped get my career path together

T Joannis,

I’m so happy. I’ve made good progress.

I’m very happy and feel very lucky to talk with you. Thankyou so much.

I’m more confident using a computer now

I’m very happy with the help I’ve got from you. I want to say thankyou for all you’ve done.

M Borufi,

It’s positive, it makes me feel more positive towards achieving my goal

I feel confident using a computer.

I think you’ve been very helpful

D Smith,

It has really boosted my confidence

I’m really happy I came on this course.

You have been patient and given much thought to me. You take care of how I learn as I’m not fast with such things. Your coaching boosts my spirit to want to do it. The extra help you’ve given without even knowing it is a plus for me and my future.

G Barrett,
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